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About Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary, Inc.

Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. was inspired by our backyard microsanctuary which is a forever home to 10 rescued Cockatoos and Macaws. Parrots can live anywhere from 30 to 90 years and even though they should not be held in captivity, the reality is that they have become very popular pets.  Due to the expense, complexity, and longevity of these exotic, wild creatures, many parrots are relinquished to rescues and sanctuaries. Unfortunately, most rescues and sanctuaries are at capacity and starting a new, large sanctuary housing hundreds of parrots is an endeavor most parrot friends cannot take on. Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary's goal is to provide an alternative to the large sanctuary environment. Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary limits the number of parrots in its sanctuary to 10 so that it can provide each parrot with the individual love, attention and medical care it needs to overcome any abuse or neglect it may have endured.


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue improving upon our small backyard sanctuary and to provide educational material to help others start their own 501c3 nonprofit parrot microsanctuary.

Our belief is that small environments can make a big impact!

What We Have Planned

Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary was formed as a 501c3 nonprofit parrot sanctuary dedicated to serve as a small backyard forever sanctuary for the 10 rescued parrots currently in its care and is working toward the following goals:

  •   PHASE I - Cocamatoo Microsanctuary

We are currently planning and building indoor and outdoor aviaries, flight cages, and sleeping quarters for our 10 parrot residents with a goal to become best-in-class for parrot microsanctuaries where we can share our tried and true knowledge on what works best to keep these very unique creatures happy and healthy. Upon completion, we will begin Phase II.​

  •   PHASE II - Microsanctuary Education

Small environments making a big impact! Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary will develop and publish educational information to help other parrot friends set up their own small backyard sanctuary. We are dedicated to becoming a valued resource for anyone interested in starting a microsanctuary out of their homes knowing that the number of parrots that can be saved by many backyard microsanctuaries will equal or exceed the number of parrots that can be housed in one large sanctuary. Small microsanctuaries have the added benefit of being able to attend to the special needs that some parrots require which can be difficult in larger sanctuaries.


Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary has many great ideas that will provide the needed care and housing for parrots and assistance to parrot owners. We have listed some of the ideas below and additional information will be provided as we expand our nonprofit. ​​


  • Providing resources to keep parrots in the family home. When parrot friends hit hard times or medical expenses for parrots are not affordable for the parrot family, sometimes the only option is to relinquish their beloved parrot to a sanctuary. It's heartbreaking for the family and for the parrots. Our goal is to help keep parrots in their family home by helping with providing qualifying parrot families with reduced costs or at no cost:

    • Food ​

    • Toys

    • Housing

    • Medical Care 

  • Delivering parrot food, supplies and services to disabled or elderly adults. Parrots are wonderful companions to the disabled and elderly. However, parrot food and toys are expensive and the daily upkeep required to keep a parrot happy and healthy can be difficult for disabled or elderly adults to maintain. Our goal is to provide parrot meals, toys, and cage cleaning services to those in need at a reduced cost or at no cost.

  • Temporary housing for parrots.  Cocamatoo Parrot Sanctuary would provide temporary boarding for qualifying parrot owners' parrots if the parrot owner is temporarily incapacitated due to an injury or illness and does not have family members to care for the parrot or the funds to board their parrot with a boarding facility. ​

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Who We Are

We are a family that took in two umbrella cockatoos in 2017 because one of the members of their family was suffering from a very serious illness and the family could no longer care for the parrots. Even though they loved the parrots, their attention was diverted for years caring for their loved one and as a result, the parrots were no longer being provided with the attention and care they needed. Eight more birds under similar or much worse circumstances joined our family over the next five years and we have been fortunate to be able to see the amazing transformation each of these parrots have made after receiving the needed medical care and proper nutrition, and being in an environment that allowed them to thrive.

How Can You Help?

We are just getting started!

We will be providing donation and volunteer information in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions regarding our sanctuary.

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